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Program Information

The purpose of this page is to inform you of the programming that Yesterday USA has to offer and when you can listen to it.

Tape Contents

"Normal" YUSA programming consists of 16 ninety minute program tapes which are rotated in a different order every day. New program tapes are made every two weeks. To get a bit of info on what is on each of these program tapes (e.g, the name of the program, who the DJ is, etc), select either one of the links below:

Program Schedule

When are these tapes played? Well, to find out, you need a program schedule. People who support the station receive a copy of the program schedule in the mail--it is one of the benefits they receive for supporting our efforts--so we can't give that information out for free. However, there is a lot of information that I can give you. Go to our Program Schedule & Guide to learn all about the tapes and more!

Week One or Two?

Since the program tapes are rotated in a different order every day over the course of two week periods, it is necessary to know whether this week is a "Week One" or a "Week Two" when looking up program times on the YUSA schedule. To find out, check out the calendar Week One/Week Two Schedule.