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A Note from Kim Bragg

7/27/12 - Again, I must apologize to everyone! 

I am still way, way, way behind in processing most of the received pledges/donations. With my my grandmother passing, headaches, neck problems and a possible ulcer and everything else going on here, I am way behind. I am doing my best to keep the programming up to date but time at the computer almost puts me in traction.

When I am feeling good, I am sometimes afraid to aggravate my condition, so I keep putting off my work and I know that it is not fair to you! I am getting medical treatment but it is a slow and sometimes a painful process.

I am keeping track of every donation made and if you paid by Pay Pal and are due a gift card and pen (I am finding that the pens are drying out) - you will still receive it as soon as I possibly can.  But please remember this is a thank you for your support only. The money is used to keep the station running!

Please email me if you are still waiting for your password and you paid thru Pay Pal, along with the date of your last payment if possible. ( Please email again if you have already done so.)  I will do my best to get it to you asap!  In subject type:  Password Needed

As I look back over this note, I see a lot of the letter "I" in it, but I am the one that does the paperwork for the station, our own household as well as taking care of my grandmother.

Again, my sincerest apologies and Thank You so much for your understanding,

Kim Bragg


I have a note on the supporting page, but for some reason I cannot delete it, so that is why I have a new note posted here. (uuuugh computers...)