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About Bill Bragg

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Newly remodeled YUSA Studios

Photography by Paul Culp of Dallas, Texas.


Bill in his fully equipped "Throne" in the upstairs Penthouse Bedroom. It has a refrigerator and telephone.  The round bed was in the movie "Semi Tough" with Kris Kristofferson & Burt Reynolds.

Downstairs den with John Redman & Bill in front of the 12 foot back-bar. Laura Russell trying her luck on the Slot Machine. The little green peddle car was Bill's when he was a little squirt!

Where it all happens - The YUSA Studio. The microphone is a RCA 77.

1929 Ford Model A  (Shay)  at the "Mobil Gas Station" in the garage.

"Jolly Giant" Bill in the Penthouse living room.

Bill surveying "his" kingdom.  But it's really the patio area.

The  jukebox collection contains approx. 170 miniature versions of the famous 1946 Wurlitzer model 1015 "bubbler". 

Bill, Kimmylou & Puppy.

Bringing the outside in on the 2nd floor landing.  It's only a mural, but, watch out for the birds anyway!!  The mural was professionally installed by John (Jack the paper hanger) Ferguson, who is world famous for high quality, quick service and low prices.  You may contact him at:

This is or will be the vintage phonograph and radio room, once Bill cleans it out.


"Wanna buy a 7 up?" in the "Jot Em Down Store" South.

The tunnel and the "Kimmylou-Teddybear Express", with a portion of the more than 5,000 die-cast model cars.

"All Aboard" The Reunion 2000 Express. Waiting passengers l to r: John Redman, Laura Russell, Richard Hamburg. On board is Debbie Stanley.

From left to right, Bill Hailey's "Rock Around The Clock" Guitar, Gold Record, Silver Record & wardrobe. Performing wardrobes of Bill Mack, Hank Thompson, Mr. Peppermint & Jeannie Fricke.  Ronald McDonalds shoes, Willie Nelson's headband, Lynn Anderson's boots, Jimmy Deans briefcase & Thomas Alva Edison's Microscope. Below the display is the Mobil Garage with the YUSA Reunion Listeners looking on.

Christmas Train display in the "store" window on the 2nd story landing.

Bill welcomes Frank to the YUSA Studios.

Frank prepares for a live broadcast at the YUSA Studios.

Frank Bresee feeds Bigbird.  "Better count your fingers when you're done."

Wayne Thompson pretends to drive the Model A.

Wayne Thompson plays the piano and sings near the General Store.

Mama Bett minds the General Store in the YUSA Studios.

Mama Bett steals an apple from the General Store.  Too bad it's made out of wax.

The Puppy and Mr. Nail ride the train through the YUSA Studios.

Frank sports a big grin as he rides the "Kimmylou-Teddy Bear Express."

Left to right, starting from the back row, John Redman, Richard Hamberg, Frank, Rosie Dodd, Debbie Hamberg, Kim, Wayne Thompson, Laura Russel and Michael Gorman.

Kim, Frank and The Puppy prepare for a train ride through the YUSA Studios.

Frank and Bill in the train tunnel surrounded by the many shelves of collectables.

Frank admires the Red Rider BB gun and toy truck.

Frank proudly points to pictures of his Rolls Royce that he gave to Bill and Kim.

Looking the opposite direction down the train tunnel; Kim, Frank and The Puppy stand on the tacks.

Celebrity wardrobes and assorted collectables at the YUSA Studios.

The miniature jukebox collection at the YUSA Studios.

Frank and Kim wave hello from the entrance to the penthouse on the 3rd floor.

Frank and Kim looking down on the General Store display window from the penthouse entrance door.

Kim and Frank in the penthouse parlor next to an antique Edison phonograph.

Bill keeps Frank covered after he was kidnapped and taken to the Resistol hat factory.

Frank shows off his new cowboy hat.